8 Ways to Visit Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens

Yes, there are now 8 Ways to visit Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens through our 2018 season from March until end of October 2018. Though not listed, some of these are still available from now until end of October this year too. Just message me to find out more

You can visit for 3 hours, a full day, 3 days, complete vacation of a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or why not make it a full month! Yes, there are things to see, do, and experience within easy range of Carrowcrory to keep you going every day for 28 days, if you wish.

You can include us as part of your time in Ireland.

If you live in Ireland, lots of options for you here too.

Activities costing from voluntary and free,  to affordable workshops in labyrinths, nature wellness, folklore, plants, herbs and journaling.

Add to that some wonderful accommodations, often exclusive use accommodation, and healthy meal options,

Transport made simple, where possible, and where group size is large enough the wonderful driving and kind se…