Our Labyrinth Gardens

We currently have Five Gardens at Carrowcrory

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Tree Labyrinth

The oldest and the most enchanting. Visitors have experienced wonderful visions and transformations after visiting here. I did not know what to expect when I built this, but it seems to have unexpectedly changed people's lives ...  click for more info and pics

Herb Spiral Labyrinth

This started as a response to requests for a more classical labyrinth to be present here. So to mark out the circles I planted herbs between the stones. This labyrinth soon took off as a vibrant herb garden and tends to be used now as a kind of Poet's Circle ... click for more info and pics

Triple Spiral Labyrinth

Another labyrinth garden that was built after special requests. It became different to the requests due to limited space we had for this. People who use this seem to find this to be a very happy space. Within this labyrinth people play and laugh. It has become a labyrinth we use as the end of sessions as a happy farewell ritual ... click for more info and pics

Fire Dance Garden

This started as a barren bit of land that was used to share a Midsummer Bonfire on 23rd June, St. John's Eve. The ashes remaining there inspired the creation of garden around these. This is now a Circle Dance garden.

Soft Fruit Serpent Garden

We can never grow enough soft fruit here, so a new garden, still being created, has a serpent path that connects the Tree Labyrinth to the Triple Spiral Labyrinth. Each side of it's path is a spiralling collection of soft fruit being established.

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