Sunday Sessions

Sunday Afternoons Sessions, 2020

Exclusive themed sessions that are extensions of my books (click titles)
Bathing In The Fae's Breath   
Bathing With The Sheela
Bathing Our Roots
Bathing Among The Aislings

To join in, we ask for a per session donation of your choice.

We apply all proceeds towards increasing and replacing Labyrinth Gardens plants and ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Sunday Afternoons Sessions, 2020.


22nd   Us And Trees, What We Can Do  event info & booking 


5th    Discovering the Sidhe   event info & booking
19th   Introduction to Ogham  event info & booking
26th   Water Folklore & Divination   event info & booking asap


3rd    Share Bealtaine  - A Secret Gardens event  event info & booking
10th   Dances for May  event info & booking


7th     Re-Wilding Our Mind & Spirit  event info & booking
14th   Sound Bathing  event info & booking
21st   Dances for Midsummer  event info & booking


5th    Share Midsummer - a Secret Gardens event  event info & booking asap
12th   Celtic Dragon and Serpent Folklore  event info & booking asap
19th   Create Poetry  event info & booking asap


9th     Discovering Aislings & Green Man  event info & booking asap
16th   First Harvest - a Secret Gardens event  event info & booking asap
23rd  Poet's for Heritage - Heritage Week event  event info & booking asap
30th  Sensing Herbs  event info & booking asap


6th   Harvest Home - a Secret Gardens event  event info & booking asap
13th  Tree Sanctuary Workshop  event info & booking asap
27th  Discovering What Tree Language Is  event info & booking asap


4th     Apple Folklore & Avalon Stories  event info & booking asap
11th   Inspired Journaling & Native Poetry  event info & booking asap
18th   Introduction To Harps & the Three Trais  event info & booking asap
25th   Folklore Of Crows, Ravens, & Other Corvids  event info & booking asap


7th   (Wednesday) Samhain Lighted Labyrinth Walk, closure of Labyrinth Gardens until Imbolc 2021.  event info & booking asap