we have open afternoons on some Sundays 
between 7th April & 6th October 2019

and you can book exclusive use sessions 
for individuals or groups on Weekdays 

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Below is our Sundays Open Afternoons calendar for 2019.

Some Sundays are for our membership into the Secret Gardens Of Sligo network. These are fundraisers for a local charity, that we are still deciding. Open from 2pm until 5pm, casual visiting, small Labyrinth Garden introductions,  Claire Roche songs, hsrps, and friends, in session from 4pm.

Other Sundays are themed sessions for our Patreon members. No fee to attend but Patreon subscribers help us to fund plants, repairs, and developments of our Labyrinth Gardens. Patrons can attend as many of these events as they wish.

If you are not one of our patrons, please click the red button below to read more, from €1 or $1 a month, cancel or change any time ... and as subscribers join in our Sunday sessions as often as you wish  ...

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7th    Patrons afternoon session - bathing with the Sidhe, dark and light
14th   Patrons afternoon session - introduction to Ogham, language of trees
21st   Patrons afternoon session - inspiration and journaling
28th   not open, private use


5th   Secret Gardens - Bealtaine event
12th   Patron's afternoon session - contemplation and fae dances
19th   not open, private use
26th   not open, private use


2nd   not open, private use
9th   Patron's afternoon session - letting go and re-wilding
16th   Patron's afternoon session - sound session
23rd   Patron's afternoon session - midsummer fire dance
30th   not open, private use


7th   Secret Gardens - Midsummer event
14th   not open, private use
21st   Patron's afternoon session - inspiration and poetry
28th   Patron's afternoon session - faery stories


4th     Patron's afternoon session - summer and harvest stories
11th   not open, private use
18th   Secret Gardens - First Harvest event
25th   Heritage Day Open Afternoon - Poet's Event


1st  Patron's afternoon session - connection to herbs
8th   Secret Gardens - Harvest Home event
15th   not open, private use
22nd  not open, private use
29th Patron's afternoon session - gratitude to trees & Ogham tales


6th  Patrons Afternoon - Harvest Festival

Book Midweek Days for Exclusive Use

Individual one on one sessions or group bookings
please contact me and request dates and needs

Sessions in mindfulness, visualisation, sound therapy, ogham, journaling, poetry, storytelling, faery and sidhe stories, book publishing and distribution, or your own leadership training sessions.