Us And Trees

What You Can Do - Local  ...  next session online 28th March 2020

about this afternoon session

We should be back to live sessions at Carrowcrory that people can attend by this event. I will come back and adjust the itinerary to replace that asap

Itinerary ..

2:00 Us and Trees online session
2:45 Your contributions, and Tree Labyrinth contemplation if weather is good.

This is one of our exclusive themed sessions based on my books  Bathing In The Fae's Breath, Bathing With The Sheela, Bathing Your Roots, Bathing Among The Aislings.

To join in, we ask for a per session donation of your choice. 

We apply all proceeds, donations and subscriptions, towards replacing Labyrinth Gardens plants and ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Please RSVP through one of the links below ... 

RSVP on MeetUp  = link here asap
RSVP on Facebook = link here asap
RSVP on Songkick = link here asap
RSVP on Eventbrite = link here asap


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Us And Trees hub site is a good reference for this, especially ...

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Tree Sanctuary going into the heart of it, that I am still working on

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