Tree Sanctuaries Autumn Gathering

support for Your Tree Sanctuary desires  ...  next session 11th September 2022

about this afternoon session

A time and opportunity to recap on where we are with our Tree Sanctuaries and Tree Sanctuary ideas. This is a time when trees are truly turning colour around us in many places where we live. It is also a time we start to think about and plan our next tree planting season between November and March.

This year I will talk about changes that I feel we need to make regarding our attitude and expectations of Tree Planting.  This includes encouraging nature's own regeneration planting and not being in such a rush or over ambitious with our own planting.                                                                                                                                    
This also serves as a follow up to our March 'Us And Trees Session, including attention to what we interpret what a Tree Sanctuary is, and how to become a living part of it.

Please volunteer to be a guest focused on sharing your garden tree sanctuary or favourite 'secret' tree space that is sanctuary for you. As a guest you can be live, or send me a pre-recorded video clip, or audio with photographs, or send me some photos and chat about them live with me next Sunday. Please message me to let me know what you can offer, thank you.

Also, I would love to share your tree related poems, and short stories. Again, please message me to sort out if you prefer to be live or send me pre-recorded video or audio instead, thank you :-)

Looking forward to you joining us on Sunday.

Suggested Itinerary ...

2:00 online live stream event  broadcasted through FacebookYouTubeTwitter
3:00 suggest you contemplate the content broadcasted within your favourite natural sanctuary.
4:00 social sharing and conversation time wherever you are, within your local Covid restrictions.

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