Sound Bathing

vibrations of sound to dissolve stress away ... next session Sunday 13th June 2021

about this afternoon session

Sound Bathing  .. is this afternoon's session

We are now serving a dual Live and Online Event. 

The Live Streaming is about 30 mins through Facebook Live from the Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens Facebook page.

The link where the Facebook Live stream will broadcast through is here ...

Up to 12 people can attend as 'audience', and for this it is essential to RSVP. 

About This Session ...

Sound baths are usually full of beautiful gongs and gigantic crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and various instruments collected from world music shops.

In this sessions we cover ancient origins, myths, and lore of sound enchantment and therapy. An introduction to use of enchanting healing instruments, 

We complete this with the bathing in the embrace of natural sounds.

Itinerary ..

2:00  live stream through Facebook Live via the Carrowcrory Cottage Page
3:00  labyrinth gardens contemplation, 
4:00  social session 

This is one of our exclusive themed sessions based on my books Bathing In The Fae's Breath, Bathing With The Sheela, Bathing Your Roots, Bathing Among The Aislings. 

Donations welcome, please, towards to help us replace Labyrinth Gardens plants and ongoing maintenance, repairs, and visitor insurance, Please donate here

Or subscribe to us from $1, €1, £1 per month as a Patron, box link below

Please RSVP for this event  through one of the links below ... 

RSVP on MeetUp - link added later
RSVP on Facebook  - link added later
RSVP on Songkick  - link added later
RSVP on Eventbrite  - link added later

If you cannot visit, in addition to the Live Stream on Facebook, I post an archived version on Patreon, and then public on YouTube a few days later.

A Video Archive of past Sunday Sessions is here ...   


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