Discovering The Sidhe

Folklore based Visualisation  ... about this afternoon session

This session is closely related to Mindfulness. It commences with some storytelling about the Sidhe, the Sí. Following this is an introduction to the Tree Labyrinth and suggestions of how to walk it, tips on focus and sensing, and completed with a Talking Stick session to share what was visioned. 

Itinerary ..
2:00 introduction and instruction
2:30 session commences
4:00 follow up afternoon tea and social

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This is one of our exclusive themed sessions based on my books  Bathing In The Fae's Breath, Bathing With The Sheela, Bathing Your Roots, Bathing Among The Aislings. To join in, we ask for a per session donation of your choice. 

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For anyone travelling from Dublin

Great low cost day out for anyone with Free Travel passes ...
Dublin Connolly depart 9:05 am
Boyle arrive 11:30 am
Boyle depart 7:42 pm
Dublin Connolly arrive 10:20 pm

We can get travellers to and from Boyle at these times, no charge.
For different train times, taxi can be booked, €10 each way.

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