Samhain Origins, Hills of Tlachtga & Tara

exploring the folklore of the closing harvest ... next session Sunday 31st October 2021

about this afternoon session ...

First of all, that beautiful drone shot of Tlachtga is by Monumental Ireland and they have beautiful photo pages on Facebook and Instagram, worth viewing.

How and where did the celebrations of Samhain, and later Halloween, originate?

Overall, this and the previous Nature Folklore sessions will tune in to the whole root of celebrating this time. This is a celebration of harvest gathered, the sharing of harvest, and the preparing for quiet weaving winter time through the coming winter into Imbolc when the new spring awakens.

This Part Two of Samhain Origins will explore how we 'reflect' on this time with stories and traditions from Hill Of Tlachtga, sometimes called Hill Of Ward. The mythological story of Tlachtga is very moving and versions seem to be set at different times in human history. Only recently does this site seem to have attracted massive interest.

There is surprising conflict about how and when to celebrate here, so I will discuss that. I will also reference Luke Eastwood's 'Samhain' book that wonderfully references the Hill Of Tlachtga through much of his book. 

Hill of Tara will also be included, and for awhile this site was a favourite site for branding 'Original Site of Halloween' before Tlachtga seemed to take over, and then Oweynagat Cave has attracted this label over recent years. I will also talk more about familiar symbols during this edition such as fires, baked potatoes, and Jack O'Lanterns. 

I invite you to share your experiences at Hill of Tara and Hill of Tlachtga. Please message me. You can submit a pre-recorded video, or pre-recorded audio with some photographs, be live with me on Sunday and talk about some photographs, or just be live with me to share your story, poem, and conversation. 

Looking forward to you joining us with 'Samhain Origins, Part Two'.

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