Samhain Gathering & Traditions

exploring the transitions at the autumn-winter cross quarter time ... next session Sunday 7th November 2021 at 2pm Irish time.

about this afternoon session 
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This is the ancient time of end of harvest ceremony, rather than the more modern Catholic church calendar adoption. From ancient tradition of the old flame dowsed, and the new flame lit, so at least winter will be warm. How does this transition feel to you?

Overall, this Nature Folklore session will tune in to how we revere ancestors, how we cross the veils, and how we settle debt, anger, revenge, grudges, and move into better feeling freedom.

There will be some focus on "what does the Veil mean to us?"

This Nature Folklore session will continue what I did not cover with Hill Of Tara tales and traditions last Sunday. We will also have postponed special guest, Dr Boria Sax, talking about his Crow book and other things in his poetic style.

This is a session for your contributions too. I invite you to share your experiences and thoughts about Samhain through poetry, short story, or song. Please message me. You can submit a pre-recorded video, or pre-recorded audio with some photographs, or simply be live with me on Sunday and maybe talk about some photographs too.

Looking forward to you joining us with 'Samhain Gathering' on the ancient cross quarter day of Samhain on 7th November.

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