From Resurrection To The Three Trais

a refreshed vision from the three enchantments  ...  next session Easter Sunday 17th April 2022

about this afternoon session

Resurrection means different things to different people. This Carrowcrory Sunday Sessions is hosted on the Christian Easter Sunday, a time of Christian belief of the body of Jesus becoming alive again after being dead and then ascending to heaven. 

With this Sunday Session I am considering what may be described as a fantasy concept of us being reborn from the injustices of politically manifested man made laws and the hypocrisy of the institution of churches, much like the stories of Jesus, at this time, tell. With this Sunday Sessions, I flow with Resurrection being us being reborn out of the environmental destruction orchestrated by politics, church, and their now corporate masters.

I use the ancient folklore of the Three Trais of The Bard, pronounced Trees, as the everchanging enchantments upon how we live according to how nature moves us.

I take these three Trais, geantrai, goltrai, and suantrai, beyond music and expand them into a fantasy of resurrected wholesome lifestyles. A living and culture we have been reborn into that has changed our focus from wealth from acquisition; into the 'heaven' of wealth from our contribution to the forever creation and caring of human and environmental heritage.

This fantasy will aim to resurrect us from our modern instinct of duty to commandments justice back into a realm where all of our living challenges were counselled through mediation, such as through the practice of the ancient Brehon Law.

The patrons of our churches may have taken our forests away, and even our water ... so can we resurrect ourselves back to being the forest and water people we were born to be? 

If you can offer poetry and stories interpreting what Resurrection means to you, please be included in this Sunday Sessions. Please message me with them., 

There will be a questions and response session during this show too.

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4:00 social sharing and conversation time wherever you are, within your local Covid restrictions.

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