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sharing our heart's voices .. next session, Sunday 4th July, 2021

about this afternoon session ...

Anyone can create and perform wonderful inspired poetry, despite many fears about not being able to. At a Bards In The Woods session one woman had left here poems at home, so I asked her, "What scraps of paper are in your purse?". She had a shopping list. I asked "Read that" ... and she did, and the passion with every item she read out expressed to us the feeling she had for each item. Beautifully done, and real poetry.

Now I am not inviting everyone to submit your poetic potential shopping lists, but part of this session will be dedicated to your compilation of random thoughts about what you are feeling and sensing, and putting these together as amazing freeform or lyrical poetry.

So for this 'Nature Folklore' session on Sunday I am inviting you to share your poetry, written or spontaneous, even if it is a newly created first draft written to share on this show or words hidden away and dusted off.

To share your poetry, please message me to arrange being live on Sunday, or submitting your pre-recorded video clips, photos, and audio clips. I can assemble these into short videos for broadcast.

When you submit videos and photos, please, please, please, submit videos in goo 'ol fashioned Landscape format and not the tiktok, instagram, lollypop licking Portrait format. Let's surround ourselves with landscapes again. 

Looking forward to you sharing your poetry and joining our craic on Sunday with or without your poetry.. 

Suggested Itinerary for you to follow ...

2:00 online live stream event  broadcasted through FacebookYouTubeTwitter
3:00 suggest you contemplate the content broadcasted within your favourite natural sanctuary.
4:00 social sharing and conversation time wherever you are, within your local Covid restrictions.

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This is more than just folklore tales, but suggestions of how to use these folklore stories and images for colourful meaningful inspiration, mapping, and decision making through our lives. Presented to transform personal uncertainty and longing into creativity and contentment. 

2) Become a 'Friends Of Carrowcrory' member, which entitles you to book to visit and use our Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens, back open April 2022, and opportunity to chat about the Nature Folklore course. 

Visiting Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens? ...

This is currently on hold due to the Corona-virus situation, sorting out insurance, and maintenance work, but we look forward to opening up for visitors here for Sunday afternoons again, but I cannot see this happening until 24th April 2022. This will be sharing the next 'Tree Sanctuary Uncurling' sessions online at 2pm on that day.

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