Introduction to Ogham

language of trees ... next session, Sunday 19th April 2020

about this afternoon session ...

Due to the current Coronavirus prevention practices. this Sunday Session is being transferred to live streaming format.

Streaming will be about 30 mins through Facebook Live from our  Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens Facebook Page. You do not need to be a Facebook member to watch! This is the all public link ...

If you cannot stream through our Facebook Page, please click here to ask  me to message you back the YouTube link when I post it there.

About ..

Many people are familiar with stones carved with Ogham symbols, Many people are familiar with the symbols being named after trees. Few, if any, people are familiar with the human sounds applied to these symbols. For this afternoon the question is how did we evolve from the language of trees, language of nature, totally synthesised from images of our senses into the linear duplicated languages we speak and write today/

This session is adopted from my own Ogma's Tale Of The Trees and offers a fun and inspirational opportunity to return to nature's sensory language and arrive back to where we are through a glimpse of how we interpret Ogham.

Invitation to Contribute Content ...

Invitation to add your own Facebook Live feed or YouTube here after 2:45pm, on the subject matter, but please message me to arrange before posting.

Content can be about your explorations and discovery of the sidhe and fairy world. This can also be poetry and stories about these things. 10 minute slots maximum. At this point no commercial advertising content though do briefly mention your web site if you have one. .

Itinerary ...

2:00 Introduction To Ogham live stream through Facebook Live
2:45 Your contributions, please message me to submit your videos

This is one of our exclusive themed sessions based on my books  Bathing In The Fae's Breath, Bathing With The Sheela, Bathing Your Roots, Bathing Among The Aislings. To join in, we ask for a per session donation of your choice.

Usually, we apply all donations towards replacing Labyrinth Gardens plants and ongoing maintenance and repairs, ready for you to visit when the isolation curfew has passed.

Through these coronavirus days of online live streams I ask that you re-direct your donations to your own efforts to plant more trees, more hedges, more shrubs, on your own land or plot of land that you can share. If you do not have land or access to land, then donation to our project is very welcome, thank you.

Please RSVP through one of the links below ... 

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If you cannot visit, in addition to the Live Stream on Facebook, I post an archived version on Patreon, and then public on YouTube a few days later.

A Video Archive of past Sunday Sessions is here ...  


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