Labyrinthic Academy

Not everyone can get to our Sunday Sessions, 

... especially those of you living away from Ireland. 

So, all of the subjects we focus on, through our Labyrinth Garden Sessions here at Carrowcrory, are being made available through released segments, in video, audio, photographic and e-book formats.

This 'Labyrinthic Academy' name is somewhat satirical. It does not mean we are the world campus for learning Labyrinth building and using. The intent is to describe the three step approaches to all of our theme subjects that is like the three stages of a labyrinth walk ...

purgation (releasing),
illumination (centering),
and unity(clarity)

I am doing this as a fundraiser, where subscription proceeds are used for increasing and replacing Labyrinth Gardens plants, and for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Our chosen hub for presenting our Labrynthic subjects is through Patreon. Please click the red button below to read more ...

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As one of our monthly subscribers you will receive our produced videos, audios tracks, podcasts, and e-books.

Subjects currently covered within the Labyrinthic Academy ..

Discovering the Sidhe
Re-Wilding Our Mind And Spirit
Fairy and Fae Folklore
Introduction to Ogham & Tree Language
Language Of Trees Folklore & Discovering Tree Wisdom
Avalon Folklore and Apple Wisdom
Sensing Of Herbs and Practical Home Herb Uses
Water Folklore and Divination
Language Of Dance
Sound Bathing
Discovering Aislings & Green Man
Inspired Journaling & Native Poetry
Introduction To Harps and the Three Trais
Folklore of Crows, Ravens & Other Corvids

Must admit, I call this service 'Labyrinth Academy' inspired by the excellent 'Brehon Law Academy', and there is a connection.

Brehon Law has an origin from the folklore 'language of trees', and our Tree Labyrinth Garden, at least, has a connection to the same folklore but through the traditions of Ogham, translated through a Labyrinth setting.

I trust you will enjoy subscribing and venturing through our Labyrinth of Sí World discoveries, during times you are unable to physically visit us. .