Three Levels Of Labyrinth Walking

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Labyrinths, Labrys Inthos, The Place of Inspiration, symbolised for thousands of years all over the world. Today, used as a space for personal transition from inner loss, dark weight, and unanswered questions into revelation, trust, and contentment

Purgation, Illumination, Unity. are the classical three stages of labyrinth walking, that I think date back to medieval times. Today more ultra spiritual levitational holistic names are applied. Visitors to Carrowcrory have said the experience here is like a merging of Ancestral Healing and Mystic Healing. I still have not read about those as what I guide originated from imaginary visual games we played when I was a child about 60 years ago ... click to read more about how this works

Sorrow, Joy, Dreaming. levels of enchantment, just as the ancient bards were skilled in creating through their performances.

Calming, Centering, Healing, is one set that today's holistic guides call upon us to experience.

Detoxing, Emerging, Transforming, is a more extreme set that the holistics may use.

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