Introduction To Harps & Bardic Folklore

there is magic from words accompanied by harp ... next session Sunday 18th October 2020

Harp lessons are generally about how to play tunes on a harp. This session is about how a novice can obtain a harp and use it to accompany poems, songs, imagination in general. This is about learning to feel the harp, sense the harp, and not technically play it. Should be of interest to anyone interested in harps from absolute beginners to professionals who would like to loosen up a bit.

Session guided by Claire Roche

Adult centred, but children over 12 years old very welcome

Itinerary ..
2:00 introduction and instruction
2:30 session commences
4:00 follow up afternoon tea and social

This is one of our exclusive themed sessions based on my books  Bathing In The Fae's Breath, Bathing With The Sheela, Bathing Your Roots, Bathing Among The Aislings. To join in, we ask for a per session donation of your choice. 

We apply all proceeds, donations and subscriptions, towards replacing Labyrinth Gardens plants and ongoing maintenance and repairs.

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