Fire Dragons & Serpents Folklore

and Snake Folklore too, for Samhain  ...  next session Sunday 16th October 2022

about this afternoon session

I am quite passionate about exploring the folklore of dragons and serpents. They are certainly not of satanic worship but I feel serve a beautiful imagery of the seasonal cycles of life. Through this 'Nature Folklore' sessions I will present some nature based folklore stories of  'fire serpents and dragons'. Some of these stories are Irish based, and others are ancient international.

I feel that these fire serpent stories arise wonderful storytelling landscapes that engages us with the annual cycle of seasons and the movement of the life spiral through this. For me, dragon and serpent stories fill me with wonder, give meaning to some of my questions, and do whirl up a whole spectrum of emotions. I trust I can serve the same blessed warming enchantments for you through this session. I will focus mainly on fire serpent stories connected to Samhain and near these Samhain times..

Thank you for joining in with this uncoiling fire serpent wisdom within ourselves this Sunday.

If anyone would like to guest on the show to talk about 'Kundalini Rising', please message me.

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Visiting Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens? ...

This is still on hold originally due to the Corona-virus situation, but I have a new challenge now. Due to financial difficulties, not enough revenue for upkeep and insurances, Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens is now up for sale. 

I still aim to move to somewhere that has the presence of a small native woodland though, and will invite limited subscribers to share nature walks, folklore, poetry, and stories there. 

Please help me out through my GoFundMe campaign for this ... 

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