from water-witching with hazel to doodlebugging with copper rods ... next session Sunday 20th February 2022

about this afternoon session ...

Dowsing is divination employed to locate underground ground water, our main topic during this session, but also dowsing tools used to locate and understand earth vibrations in specific spaces. Other uses will probably be talked about too.

We will look at various dowsing tools from Y shaped twigs to swinging metal rods, adapted metal coat hangers, and the sophisticated looking Lecher Antenna.  

A craft  that has been with humans for 1000s of years and has saved lives through water discoveries, and maybe through compatible space discoveries. Even so, there has been no real scientific evidence, so dowsing is known as a 'pseudoscience'. Homeopathy is also regarded as a 'pseudoscience' too, but many of us claim how that craft has saved lives too.

So for an hour Carrowcrory Sunday Sessions we will share introductions from a few people with different approaches to the dowsing craft.

If you are a dowser or know a dowser, please offer to introduce your craft live during this session.

Suggested Itinerary ...

2:00 online live stream event  broadcasted through FacebookYouTubePeriscope
3:00 suggest you contemplate the content broadcasted within your favourite natural sanctuary.
4:00 social sharing and conversation time wherever you are, within your local Covid restrictions.

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