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Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens & Carrowcrory Sunday Sessions currently do not host advertising, programme cover charges, course fees, or a subscription paywall. These services are funded by your donations. Many thanks for your support making these services possible for me to share with you.

Expenses I constantly need to cover includes Sunday Session streaming service charges, and equipment repairs and updates. Also Labyrinth Gardens plants replacements and expansion, insurance costs, and equipment repairs and replacements. 

In response to your support, €10 or more single donations, or Patreon subscription, I will soon be serving a 'Sidhe, Water, & Tree Folklore' DIY course with support webinars as an extension to the Carrowcrory Sunday Sessions broadcasts. This course will be exclusively available to you as a 'thank you' trade for your donation and/or subscription. 

Please consider single donations through PayPal Me (no PayPal account needed, you can use your card), or monthly subscription of $1, €1, £1 or more via Patreon.

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