Folklore Of Crows, Ravens, & Other Corvids

exploring the regeneration symbolism of Corvids ... next session Sunday 17th October 2021

about this afternoon session ...

Thoughts of Crows, Ravens, and Corvids can stir up a dirty, and even scary reputation. They are certainly topical for this Samhain approaching October time of year. 

This Nature Folklore session explores the regeneration symbolism, wisdom symbolism,  team instincts of crows, and the free solo instinct of ravens. Also exploring the symbolism of these corvid birds through the changing tide of winter, the annual time we ponder on our resolutions and affirmations more than during other times of the year

We will ponder on concerns of conservation and nature care too. This is a session of preparing winter hibernation during this 'last leaves left' time.

Looking forward to you joining us with 'Folklore Of Crows, Ravens & Other Corvids'.

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