Carrowcrory Community Woodland

URGENT! Fundraising to attempt to purchase land 360 degrees around our Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens.

Potential buyers looking at the land are inquiring about building holiday homes or monoculture sitka spruce plantations.

The first response intent is to secure the land to establish a Public Community Natural Native Woodland Amenity.

This would be wonderful for leisure, mindfulness, and nature learning. We do not have such a natural amenity near us. Already from non use a natural Native Woodland has created. This land also has remains of an ancient round sweathouse that was converted ti lime kiln, a beautiful bubbling river, and a well. 

I have no commercial or profit intention with this. It will become organised into a co-operative ... but the first sight is to obtain the land use.  

I will add more info here later, but really info and updates are at my GoFundMe page.

Please click/tap through to my Carrowcrory Community Woodland GoFundMe Page 

read up about the project, and support if you can, many, many thanks 

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