Over 5000 years old Carrowkeel Cairns

Carrowkeel is a very popular site of megalithic remains near Carrowcrory. The area is just 7km, 5 miles.away from our cottage.

Approaching the site is a surprise as the landscape changes very quickly. Some people call this the Little Tibet of Ireland.  The landscape is wild limestone moorland with lots of heather and spectacular views as you climb towards the ancient cairns

There are 16 ancient cairns sites in this area called Carrowkeel, plus other antiquities that include possibly the most ancient village comunity known in Ireland. Archeologists have identified over 80 hut sites, ancient dwellings, remains on a karst limestone area.,

Most visitors spend a short time here and only visit 2 or 3 of the cairns. I feel this is missing the feel and spirit of what is here.

Three of the passage cairns can be entered into, and small people can enter a 4th one too.

The archeologists have listed the sites as Cairn A to Cairn P. Most visitors visit the small but fairly complete Cairn G. Several visitors climb highter to Cairn K that has quite a dramatic interior. Few visitors also get to Cairn B with a lovely viewpoint but very few get to the rest of the sites.

I recommend a good fullish day here to explore, and take a picnic.

There are not organised bathrooms. Just hide behind the small trees, rock boulders or cliff sides for relief.

The walking is quite rugged and needs some stamina. With group tours I find people do take on very different levels of interest. Some take a walk just for the views, some are happy after just exploring one cairn, but there are some who will wish to be here all day.

Later I will provide a seperate introduction for the various sites here.

I will be adding more info, pics and videos here soon