Afternoon With Claire Roche

Enjoy an afternoon at Carrowcrory Cottage Carrowcroryin the company of the stories, songs and music from harps by Claire Roche, dreamer, and founder of the restored Carrowcrory Cottage here.

Very few people visiting Ireland actually see a harp being played. Even more rare, are singers and poets who accompany their words with harps ... the harper bards. This is the enchantment you are invited to be part of during an Afternoon With Claire Roche at Carrowcrory.

After arrival at Carrowcrory, John Willmott, keeper of the Labyrinth Gardens here, briefly introduces ancient folklore stories of the transitions from the Language Of Trees, to Ogham, and onto the Three Enchantments Of Bards.

Visitors enjoy contemplation and connection within the Tree Labyrinth Garden here before a session with Claire Roche. 

Inside her thatched cottage, Claire will share some stories, old songs in Irish and fairy poetry of W.B. Yeats set to songs with harp.

The entire session time is from 2:00 pm until 5:30 pm.

Visitors leave with more than just a concert of songs and harps, but an insight into how landscape and surroundings inspired the harper bard tradition. Add to that, some insight into some of the local Nature Folklore

We are sure you will enjoy some homely sanctuary through the unique experience of a singer harpist, in a thatched cottage, in Ireland.

For an Afternoon With Claire Roche please contact us through this email and phone link

Here is a lovely video of Claire Roche presenting Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens, the Thatched Cottage, and a song from her too.

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