Apple Folklore & Avalon Stories

exploring apples for survival, and stories of winter protection ... next session Sunday 20th September 2020

I am passionate about Apple folklore, possibly most of all. I find the bite into a fresh crispy apple is always enchanting and sets of the imagination. In this sessions the Avalon folklore gets a look in too, and an introduction to wassailing which will not be far away from this time, in some places.

Please contribute your content to the show ...

Please help out this Apple Folklore & Avalon Stories session, Please contact me to send a short talk of your experience, or a poem, short story, or song to be considered for sharing on this Sunday Session. Talk about your apple tree, or trees, or orchard.

Also, try this task. Bite into an apple then draw and/or paint what comes to you, inspires you, which may be the trees or trees. Try this one with your children too, and send me photos to Many thanks.

I can  accept your content though these channels, but before you do, please contact me with a text script of your content in advance, thank you.

a) send me a pre-recorded video file, up to 10 minutes long, sent by WeTransfer or Facebook Messenger
b) send me your YouTube link
c) accept an invitation to join me live through you phone or laptop
d) share a pre-recorded video link interview with me

Itinerary ...

2:00 online live stream event  broadcasted through FacebookYouTubePeriscope
3:00 suggest you contemplate at your personal tree or garden sanctuary
4:00 social and sharing time wherever you are

We apply all proceeds from donations and subscriptions, towards replacing Labyrinth Gardens plants and ongoing maintenance and repairs. Also towards funding the costs of hosting our weekly broadcasts

Visiting Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens? ...

This is still on hold due to the Corona-virus situation, but we hope to be able to invite visitors here for Sunday afternoons again soon.

When we do, the arrangements will change. We will limit to just 8 visitors, which is excellent for distanced personal contemplation within the garden labyrinths.

To be a visitor you will need to be a Friends of Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens member. To join is easy. Donate something, or subscribe through at least one of these links, and I then list you as a friend member. Many thanks for your kind support.  

The current fundraising is for an urgent purchase of natural native woodland land around our gardens to open up as a public access Carrowcrory Community Woodland - GoFundMe has latest details and info

Please donate, and become a member, through one of the links below. 

GoFundMe, or Tip Jar via PayPal, or become a Patron, from a dollar, euro, or pound a month,

As a thank you, I intend to develop a course during this low light winter, to extend these Sunday Sessions content much more. This Course, 'Sidhe, Tree & Water Folklore' will be free and self service with free Q&A with me for all sponsors, subscribers and donators. Thank you.  

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