Harvest Home Gathering 2021

Next Nature Folklore Sessions Live -
Sunday 5th September, at 2pm Irish Time

Watch here Live! ... or watch the archive later (click pic to set reminder)

Harvest Home Gathering
an Autumn Celebration Gathering

A social interactive online session. The focus will be on discussions and presentations of harvests from our gardens that we 'bring home'. We can include what we are cooking, making, and baking too. Also how we are storing, preserving, drying, and what we are looking forward to with food and social times, and survival, from now until next Spring.

Please volunteer to be a guest focused on you garden harvest, food storing and preparing, and any other natural preparing for the upcoming winter. As a guest you can be live, or send me a pre-recorded video clip, or audio with photographs, or send me some photos and chat about them live with me next Sunday. Please message me to let me know what you can offer, thank you.

Also, I would love to share your Harvesting poems, short stories and songs, as they are very welcome. Again, please message me to sort out if you prefer to be live or send me pre-recorded video or audio instead, thank you :-).

Looking forward to you joining us on Sunday.

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