Apple Folklore & Avalon Stories

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Sunday 19th September, at 2pm Irish Time

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Apple Folklore & Avalon Stories
exploring apples and their traditions for survival, inspiration, and wisdom

I am passionate about Apple folklore, probably my own favourite folklore. I find a bite into a fresh crispy apple is always enchanting and always sets off my imagination. Does this happen with you?

We will adventure into ancient apple symbolisms of life, nourishment, and survival. Also included will be fairy stories and enchanting goddess stories where apples and apple trees are a central within them, and even serpents among them too. The intimate connections between water, sacred wells, and apple trees will be entered into also.

Apple celebrations in Ireland will be introduced, including the return of the Lovely Leitrim Apple Day, and the fun and inspiring Clonmel Apple Fest.

During this Nature Folklore sessions, the Avalon folklore will get a good inclusion, including the mythology stories of how these Avalon places formed. I will also include a brief introduction to the wassailing tradition which is not far away from this time, in some places.

Please volunteer to be a guest to include focused sharing your apple, and even Avalon, themes story or poem. As a guest you can be live, or send me a pre-recorded video clip, or audio with photographs, or send me some photos and chat about them live with me next Sunday. Please message me to let me know what you can offer, thank you.

Looking forward to you joining us on Sunday.

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