Poets For Heritage - for Heritage Week

Next Nature Folklore Sessions Live -
Sunday 22nd August, at 2pm Irish Time

Watch here Live! ... or watch the archive later (click pic to set reminder)

Poets For Heritage - for Heritage Week
words that guide us

This 'Nature Folklore' session is on the last day of National Heritage Week in Ireland. This is an invitation for you to share your poems on Irish Heritage, especially in relation to water.

I will also discuss the importance poetry can have on our lives for well being, vision, interpretation, guidance, memory aid, and for maintaining a sense of connection and wholeness. 

What poems have you to share on the rivers, loughs, lakes, ponds, sea shores, holy wells, and water pools in bogs?

You can share them on this Nature Folklore session by ...

sending me a pre-recorded video
offering to perform live online on the show next Sunday
sending me a pre-recorded audio with some photos

Please message me so we can co-ordinate this

Looking forward to you joining us on Sunday.

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