Sacred Actions for Sustainable Practices with the Land

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Sunday 11th July, at 2pm Irish Time

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Sacred Actions for Sustainable Practices with the Land
with Dana O'Driscoll of The Druid's Garden Blog

Several people are teaching the Celtic Wheel as being 8 divisions through the solar year, and each of those 8 divisions being times of observances and spiritual practice. These divisions being the two Solstices, two Equinoxes, and the four cross quarter times of Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain. 

During this Nature Folklore session, next Sunday afternoon here, Dana will share some of her interpretations through her wonderful recently released book. 

This will not be just about our rituals and ceremonies that we may do at these 8 times through any year, but very much about what we do with the land, and care for the land and it's wildlife, between each of these 8 points of what we may call the Celtic Year. 

Earth care, people care, and fair share are all presented and questioned. Reskilling as a spiritual practice, ethical dimensions of food, principles for local eating, friendship gardening, and even making your own smudge sticks are just a few of the wonderful contents of this sustainable book that we will talk about and share with you. 

What immediately attracted me to Dana's book was her near opening  illustration of 'Three Principles For Sacred Action'.

1) Draw together wisdom from the heart and mind
2) Walking in harmony and care with the land
3) Transforming our lives, landscapes and communities

I will not pump out the remarkable long list of Dana's qualifications and personal experiences behind compiling this ...

Instead, I invite you to join in with Dana O'Driscoll and myself next Sunday at 2pm. Irish time, as we present and share Dana's inspiring and practical toolbook, 'Sacred Actions, Living the Wheel of the Year through Earth Centred Sustainable Practices'. 

I am sure you will be gifted with wonderful inspirations and new ideas by the end of this session. Thank you for joining with us.

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