First Harvest Folklore & Musings

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Sunday 1st August, at 2pm Irish Time

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First Harvest Folklore & Musings
thankfulness, gratitude, & your Lunasa celebrations

Lunasadh is the time of our first harvests, well if we do not have polytunnels it is, here in most of the Northern Hemisphere. So with Nature Folklore today the focus is on our abundance and gratitude at this time. We are excited picking our first fruits, maybe digging up our first potatoes, carrots and other veggies growing outside. 

During this 'Nature Folklore' session I wish  combine old folklore along with your musings of poems and stories about what Lunasadh, Lammas, First Harvest means to you? How do you celebrate? What celebrations happened during your childhood that seem to have faded away today? What are you grateful for at this time? What local gatherings have you become connected in that are including some of the lost old ways within our modern settings and beliefs?

I will be presenting, myself, some Lughnasadh traditions and how those old ways and tales could relate to our own first harvests today. Contemplations on our new abundance of fresh local produce in the markets, farm shops, and local shops. I will ponder on the magic and celebration of growing and what this year's harvest has provided for us, despite challenges.

Most important for this approaching Sunday is my invitation to you to share your poetry or story that relates to Lughnasadh, Lunasa, and First Harvest. Please message me to arrange being live on the show on Sunday, or submit your pre-recorded video clips, photos, and audio clips. I can assemble those into short videos for broadcast. Please ensure these are in Landscape mode as much as possible. Looking forward to you musings of this time.

Even if you have been on the 'Nature Folklore' show before, a video clip of your latest updates would be very nice. 

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