Discovering Aislings & The Green Man 2021

Next Nature Folklore Sessions Live -
Sunday 18th July, at 2pm Irish Time

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Discovering Aislings & The Green Man,
discovering who we are in nature

Applying folklore to explore deep passions that inspire our poetry, writing, music, crafts, dancing, and drama.

This is very fringe folklore as it is not direct from ancient tales. Instead, this is imaginative interpretations from the Celtic Revival, and maybe from a short time before. That Celtic Rival time is also known as the Celtic Romance time. Both the images of Aislings and the Green Man  have been told of as being a profound source of deep passions that inspire our poetry, writing, music, crafts, dancing, and drama.

An 'aisling' has been described as a 'dream vision' poem experienced by men. Also the 'green man' and earlier mythologies, such as those of 'fairy lovers', have been the dream visions experienced by women. 

Earlier than the 'Aisling' has been the tradition of the 'Spéirbhean' in Ireland, the love spell enchantment woman, so I will present her too. 

Strangely, the 'Green Man', as we call him, has only been around since 1880, and I will explain why, then will present various enchanting characters of folklore that became that 1880 creation of the Green Man.

So for this 'Nature Folklore' session on Sunday I also invite you to share your poetry or story that relates to an aisling, green man, or similar. Please message me to arrange being live on the show on Sunday, or submit your pre-recorded video clips, photos, and audio clips. I can assemble these into short videos for broadcast. Please ensure these are in Landscape mode as much as possible.

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