Ogham, The Ballymote Bards Story - 2021

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Ogham, The Ballymote Bards Story
part of my Ogham series

Many scholarly references to Ogham are linked to the ancient Book Of Ballymote, and Ballymote happens to only be 10km, about 8 miles, from Carrowcrory. So this afternoon we will look at some of the Ogham related content in this late medieval book from the Scriptoreum of Ballymote plus some speculated 'bardic' connections to this. Speculated, as we only have fragments of recorded information on Ogham and how it was used. 

Most of the Ogham information and practices used today have been assembled from what I now call the 'Three Ages Of Celtic Folklore Romance' 

The first 'age' was when printing machines became low cost enough for new small business entrepreneurs to indulge in.  This was especially abundant from 1840, a time that was kicking off the world Industrial Revolution. Many people, uncomfortable with the intensity impact of this new industry, did meet up in groups, as a new hobby and faith. They explored and re-enacted Celtic Folklore from the new printed literature that was becoming abundant. Authors of this literature were knitting together fragments of ancient folklore texts with their own inspirations. This was acceptable as Psychic thought that was being trusted then. I can share my own family connection to this practice way back to mid 19th century.

Second 'age' seemed to be during the 1970s when people were trying to make sense of the aftermath of 60s hippiedom. The Beatles White Album after their meditation time in India sparked off various Indian cult groups that many loved to join and live their lives according to their stories. Also John Michell's 'View Over Atlantis' was having an impact on millions of people, plus there was a new accelerated interest in Gerald Gardner and Wicca, to make all this modernised revived faith a bit more Celticky again. 

Third 'age', started its apprenticeship during the 90s dot.com websites boom, then was and has exploded into many variations of Celtic, Irish, Scottish etc., folklore interpretations through the various Social Media platforms, all claiming to be genuine' Plus, there are now people who have created new digital businesses offering to teach 'No that's not genuine! ... but this is!'

So during this 'Nature Folklore' session, subjects I will include are ...

Some analysis of the Book Of Ballymote text and graphics
Is Ogham really evolved from a tree language or a lot more? 
A romantic indulgence of connecting Ogham to the deeds of local ancient bards here
Ogham as a possible ancient sound notation tool?
Fairly recent Ogham research from ancient fragments of information that is challenging our current perception of Ogham and trees. 

If you would like to add to these, please message me to arrange submitting your pre-recorded video clips, photos, and audio clips. I can assemble these into short videos for broadcast. But please, please, please, submit videos in Landscape format and not the tiktok, instagram, lollypop licking Portrait format. Let's surround ourselves with landscapes again. 

Also please volunteer to be live on the show as we would love you to join our craic. 

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