Midsummer Gathering 2021

Next Nature Folklore Sessions Live -
Sunday 20th June, at 2pm Irish Time

Watch here Live! ... or watch the archive later (click pic to set reminder)

Midsummer Gathering
sharing your interpretations & celebrations of this time

This is a 'pot luck' gathering of your contributions through pre-recorded video clips, photograph and audio collections, and being a live guest on our show on Sunday afternoon, Irish time. 

The foundation theme of this is 'What does Midsummer mean to you? How do your feel Midsummer? How do you feel it, connect to it, express it, and celebrate it?' 

On the 'menu' so far are ...

St. John and water & more water blessings from Women Of The Water
Herbs for this time
Bonfire traditions
Feasting at Midsummer
and some Bardic banter before and after

So please message me to arrange submitting your pre-recorded video clips, photos, and audio clips. I can assemble these into short videos for broadcast. But please, please, please, submit videos in Landscape format and not the tiktok, instagram, lollypop licking Portrait format. Let's surround ourselves with landscapes again. 

Also please volunteer to be live as we would love you to join our craic. 

And there will be a questions and response session too.

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