Re-Wilding Within Us & Around Us

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Sunday 30th May, at 2pm Irish Time

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Re-Wilding Within Us & Around Us
restoration of natural free spirit within and surroundings

With a ‘rewilding’ title we may first think about letting part of our gardens go back to nature, go back to being wild. The wonderful community of ‘We Are the Ark’ encouraged by Mary Reynolds has beautifully popularized this. If we live in gardenless apartments, then we may encourage our local councils to not be so manicuring on public green spaces and let the biodiversity there have it’s freedom.

This ‘Nature Folklore’ session goes more intimately into changes we may need to accomplish within ourselves first. We may love the current ‘rewilding concepts’ but our inner culture and mindset remains on a ‘neat and tidy’ quest so any rewilding we do may be a sort of ‘test the waters’ approach.

So through this ‘Nature Folklore’ sessions we will explore, with some reference to folklore, how our living can be less control motivated, more adaptive and us feeling less stress and more aware from being so. 

Where is that middle point between being an ‘influencer’ and ‘disciple’?

How can what seems like ‘chaos’ actually become our longed for journey ‘home’?  

Of course some ‘We Are The Ark’ style tips will be included in this session too.  

What are your visions and experiences of rewilding, inside and around you? Please sshare your stories and poems connected to all realms of re-wilding. Do contact me so we can share them on this Sunday?

And there will be a questions and response session too.

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