Biodiversity, in the soil & our Natural Connection

Next Nature Folklore Sessions Live -
Sunday 16th May, at 2pm Irish Time

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in the soil & our Natural Connection

This is at the start of Bio-Diversity week in Ireland again this year. Like last year potential events are Covid restricted, so events are online and some of those also supply project resources for individuals and people who can group together under the current restrictions.

During this Nature Folklore Session, live guests and I intend to invite and share ideas, experiences and wisdom for exploring and improving bio-diversity in landscapes you live within. This is intended to be encouragement for those of us who are keepers and stewards of landscapes, no matter how small, even just a small local community hedge.

I trust the content shared today will include suggestions of what to look for and how we may easily attract more interaction of essential natural life.

I will extend this session into including how we may be tuned into our local biodiversity through more tolerance, perhaps less order, and discovering additional joy from small things we may not have noticed before. There are incredible flurries of life to pause for and observe, that warm us into a big heart.

Of course, some natural folklore will be included in the mix.

This week we have lovely fascinating guests already booked, but please still share your stories and poems connected to biodiversity and the small wonders of life and living. Do contact me so we can share them on Sunday too?

And there will be a questions and response session too.

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