Fairy Stories For May

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Fairy Stories For May

The blossoming and fragrance of Hawthorn was, and still is, the most visual and sensory telling of the transition of Spring to Summer having arrived. Recognition of this needs no mathematics or calendar reading abilities. Hawthorn blossoming is a pure symbol of connection, and it is a wild one. I believe it would be wonderful for us to revive our connection to this again.

Thanks largely to the storytelling of Eddie Lenihan, the links between Hawthorn, Whitethorn, trees and fairies has moved from being local fading culture around Ireland, and other Gaelic lands, to becoming popular worldwide romance and passion.

I prefer to think of fairies as the 'sidhe' or 'sith' to create distinction from the human formed firefly glowing style tinkerbell fairy images. But it seems to be the 'tinkerbell' type of fairy image that people can comfortably relate to. Fortunately, what people see, feel, and believe from that is not much different to how I believe in the 'sidhe'. That difference seems to be like people now relating to Bealtaine as being celebrated on the modern Gregorian 1st May rather than observing the nature and celestial transitions that it appears ancient people used to do.

Fairies in stories and poems take on different forms and feeling. Some fairy stories are pure fearmongering in the 'beware of the fairies!' genre. I feel sure this was covertly distributed through branches of the Christian church through the assistants of clergy incubating and cultivating such stories into the ears of those who would listen and distribute..

Other fairy stories fall into the 'fallen angels' genre, also Christian church cultivated, to enhance the belief in fairies being 'beings' that did not qualify for heaven but are not evil enough for earth so live among us as broken wing guides to mentor our well being and moral direction ... But some of these 'fairies', are told of as tricksters too. 

I love the 'sidhe' style fairy stories myself. A realm of flowing life, that seems to be like the visual sensation of watching murmering starlings dance. The 'sidhe/fairy' association with Hawthorn trees, it's blossom, and the initial lusting fragrances when fresh, and the warming sun warming the frost or dew on it's petals is profound. This enhances that pure Bealtaine fragance, better than any aromatherapist can achieve in alchemy with essential oils. And perhaps this Beltaine gift serves more magic upon us humans than the Yellow Flowers of the 1st of May.

Also, within these nature folklore sidhe stories, there is no human destiny division of 'heaven and hell' that I feel are also fearmongering enchantments cast upon humans to follow doctrine servitude, and perhaps disconnect us from our sensory inspired nature flow.

Please share your stories and poems of fairies, sidhe, flowers, and hawthorns, and even romantic and lusty courtings of May. Do contact me so we can share them on Sunday?

And there will be a questions and response session too.

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