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Fairy Stories For May

Next Nature Folklore Sessions Live - Sunday 9th May, at 2pm Irish Time Watch here Live! ... or watch the archive later (click pic to set reminder) Fairy Stories For May The blossoming and fragrance of Hawthorn was, and still is, the most visual and sensory telling of the transition of Spring to Summer having arrived. Recognition of this needs no mathematics or calendar reading abilities. Hawthorn blossoming is a pure symbol of connection, and it is a wild one. I believe it would be wonderful for us to revive our connection to this again. Thanks largely to the storytelling of Eddie Lenihan, the links between Hawthorn, Whitethorn, trees and fairies has moved from being local fading culture around Ireland, and other Gaelic lands, to becoming popular worldwide romance and passion. I prefer to think of fairies as the 'sidhe' or 'sith' to create distinction from the human formed firefly glowing style tinkerbell fairy images. But it seems to be the &