Food Sovereignty ... or Food Security?

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Food Sovereignty ... or Food Security?

Self restrictions and isolation due to Covid spread, from early 2020, and still regulated in Ireland, has created a new ‘Victory Garden’ generation that created the allotment network through the UK, at least, during and since World War 2. Supermarket panic buying at the start of Covid spread has moved onto Garden Centre panic buying. It seems millions of people have created new food gardens, especially using the 'no dig method', or people have expanded the food growing areas they already had. Apartment dwellers have actively cultivated very inventive balcony gardens and as 'communities' have converted public waste land into community food land.

Food Sovereignty, what is it?

It is a movement of  believing that people who produce, distribute, and consume food should control the mechanisms and policies of food production and distribution. It is promoting the rights of people to define their own local food and agriculture systems that are "culturally appropriate" to where they live.

Will this replace our dependence on the current Food Security systems that have passed our food responsibility over to corporations and governments?

This is one week when Nature Folklore Sessions on Sundays actually barely touches on folklore . Instead, this session focuses on the essential 'hands-on' activities we do to connect the mysteries of life into providing our food.

If you have stories and presentations of your own food growing related to your garden, whether you just grow for yourselves, or barter and sell your excess produce. Please message me with them.

And there will be a questions and response session too.

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