Bealtaine Flowers & May Bush Folklore

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Sunday 2nd May, at 2pm Irish Time

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Bealtaine Flowers & May Bush Folklore

This Nature Folklore Sessions is an indulgence to me because my favourite colour is yellow. To me, yellow in nature is like a dog waiting for you at home. No matter what challenging and upsetting or stressed day we may have had, our dog is always so please to see us. Likewise I find that no matter how pissed off I am with something, I never fail to smile at yellow flowers. 

A lot of people think of bluebells and violets at this time, and the enchanting wild purple orchids are about too, well before the midsummer blue ones ... but for me this time is about the yellow flowers.

This is the time of abundance of primroses, cowslips, furze in best bloom, and dandelions before they change into cotton ball clocks.

Join me to share the folklore of these yellow flowers of Bealtaine eve, which which is how I relate to the first days of May. For actual Bealtaine, I follow the ancient based sidereal time

Also included during this session on Sunday is the delightful and mysterious folklore of the 'May Bush' tree that is on the cusp of blossoming at this time, but before it does there are stories to tell. 

If you have stories and poems of yellow flowers of May, but not daffodils now, and of the May Bush and Fairy trees. Do contact me so we can share them on Sunday?

And there will be a questions and response session too.

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