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Tree Sanctuary Uncurling

Next Sunday Sessions Live - Sunday 18th April, at 2pm Irish Time Watch here Live! ... or watch the archive later (click pic to set reminder) Tree Sanctuary Uncurling our place to relax, refuel, recharge, and evolve. I strongly feel that a personal sanctuary space is essential as a place to relax, refuel, and recharge to become a fully connecting human again. A sanctuary is where we have peace without disturbances from phones, computers, television, radio, and generally the whole human made realm on this earth. During an earlier 'Tree Sanctuary' Sunday Session we focused on the creation and maintenance of an Outside Sanctuary, preferably a circle or some kind of surrounding of trees, but being among any chosen natural or garden environment will work for sanctuary. For some people, sanctuary may be a spot on a beach, for example. Through this Carrowcrory Sunday Session the focus is on using and benefiting from nature connections. If weather is a concer

Discovering The Sidhe, folklore based visualisation

Next Sunday Sessions Live - Sunday 11th April, at 2pm Irish Time Watch here Live! ... or watch the archive later (click pic to set reminder) Discovering The Sidhe folklore based visualisation Through this Sunday Session we will explore some folklore stories that interpret the Sidhe and the Sidhe Realm, that some people fall the Fae Realm.  We will explore how people feel and what they describe when they experience the presence of the Sidhe today, and their interpretations of this connection and experiences. We will also contemplate some mindfulness practices that connect people to what they may vision as Sidhe presence and mentoring, and even divination. Later in the show also continuing a bit about the three enchanting strains of the bard, from last week, plus a presentation and interview with Irish harp maker craftsman Brian Callan. If you can offer sidhe themed poetry and stories, please be included in this Sunday Sessions. Please message me with them . Th