Us And Trees, What can we do?

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Sunday 21st March, at 2pm Irish Time

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Us And Trees, What Can We Do?

An hour or so exploring some of the practical, engaging, wholesome, and personally therapeutic activities we can do within and around trees.

Subjects covered will include creating a passion for woodlands, forest education available for anyone, carbon dioxide reduction and increasing replacement oxygen with trees, a re-visit to creating your own tree sanctuary, and following a green prescription for more health for yourself among the trees.

I do use Ireland as an example, and why the ideal for the current population of Ireland is 25% of the land being tree covered. What I share can apply anywhere in the world

I break this down further to show how just access to quarter of an acre with mixed native trees over 10 years old could consume more CO2 than what we output through car driving and home energy combined.

I also suggest how this is possible if you live in an apartment. 

But this session is not all about science and green living but also about green prescription. and suggesting how woodlands are essential for our health protection and therapy. This is not just about Forest Bathing but more about Woodland Connection..   

Please contribute your content to the show ...

Us And Trees, What can we do?

Please contact me to volunteer to join us live or send me a pre-recorded video or photo album to share your work with trees, such as creating or maintaining a Tree Sanctuary, providing forest education, providing forest therapy, are part of a woodland co-op, or if you are are a farmer or smallholder who has either preserved a woodland on your land or expanded land dedicated to increasing native woodland ... please do message me if you are involved in any of these essential projects..

I can arrange a pre-recorded interview with you. But best choice of all is for you to join in the show live from 2pm Sunday 21st March 2021? 

First, please contact me with an outline of your content that you would like to share, thank you.

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