Trees In Water Folklore

Next Sunday Sessions Live -
Sunday 28th March, at 2pm Irish Time

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Trees In Water Folklore
the merging of sidhe, water and tree folklore through Spring

Through this Sunday Session we will transition between the water folklore subjects of February, and the tree subjects of March, to include some of the sidhe and fae folklore of Spring before we move into the brighter April.

We return to a reminder of the three pillars encouraged by Carrowcrory Sunday Sessions, these being

1) Create and use an outdoor tree sanctuary, preferably with trees.
2) Contemplate and be inspired through nature based folklore that is mainly focused on weather, water, tree, and sidhe folklore
3) Flow these inspirations through your poetry, writing, music, art, craft and problem solving.

Our live guest will be Saraí Humble of 'All Is Well' and hopefully Seamus a programmer of the 'Fairy Council Of Ireland' online hub site.

With these inspiring live guests we will talk about the branches of the Fairy Council Tree ...

Crainn ... the woodlands and expanding forest cover
Uisce ... water care, and especially preserving sacred holy wells
Tallamh ... the whole landscape cover and it's biodiversity
Imbas ... channelling our inspirations through our arts and crafts
Eolas Ársa ... our wisdom from expression of inspiration and ancient knowledge from the sidhe, fae world, earth spirits, spirit guides, whatever we could our source. 

And there will be a questions and response session too.

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