Water Dragons, Serpents, & Snakes

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Water Dragons, Serpents, & Snakes,
especially the water serpents of Ireland in almost every river

Not exactly a Valentine's Day subject, or is it? Serpents are strongly related to fertility, both the fire and water kind. But maybe they are not romantic, yet sometimes romanticised in story.

Chinese New Year is on 12th February this year, also celebrated across the Indo-Chinese countries too, and the symbol of water dragons and fertility is a strong part of these celebrations. 

In Ireland too, there are water serpent stories for Imbolc and around this time of year. There's probably some kind of serpent story with every river and lough here. Again, more connected to fertility, though over the centuries storytellers have perhaps turned them into horror stories, fairy stories, and even hero stories. 

This nicely follows on from our sacred water and wells of Imbolc theme from last Sunday.  

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Water Dragons, Serpents, & Snakes

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