Ogham, The Tree Language Story

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Exploring our forgotten connections to ancient arboreal founded languages

One thing you will notice with Ogham symbols, if you try to draw them, the immediate difference to our English scribing, that unfolds our thoughts from left to right, is that Ogham is written and read from the ground up. Its like starting from the roots and climbing up the trunk and drawing branches to say something. 

During this Sunday Sessions we will look at fragments of tree language folklore that somehow interpreted happenings and conditions affecting human living and the human crafting of symbols connected to trees that were strung together and organically created a community learned language.

Also looked at are possible other ancient languages that could have started with tree wisdom. And also, considering what would a tree language look like today if we invented one as a means to feel more connected to trees again, and more connected to the whole biodiversity of life.

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Ogham, The Tree Language Story

Please contact me if you happen to have any poems or stories that may be related to tree language, or even tree hugging? Would you like to introduce your interpretation live on this Sunday Sessions?

You can be live, or you can send me a pre-recorded video or audio file. I can arrange a pre-recorded interview with you. But best choice of all is for you to join in the show live from 2pm Sunday 28th February 2021? 

I can  accept your content though these channels, but before you do, please contact me with an outline of your content that you would like to share, thank you.

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