Preparing For Winter, Folklore, Food & Foretelling

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Preparing For Winter, Folklore, Food, & Foretelling

There is a fourth time of celebration of Samhain, but barely observed now, and that was when Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, an open star cluster in the north-west of the constellation Taurus, rose in the bright night sky of November. 1000s of years ago, this used to be close to the sidereal cross quarter point of Samhain, in this northern hemisphere. This was around 7th November. Due to the 'precession of the equinoxes', Pleiades now rises at sunset later in the month. This now happens on the night of 21st November, hence why it has lost favour as a Samhain celebration time.  

Even so, this Sunday Sessions will cover November traditions not yet covered in previous Samhain tradition episodes this year. Among the sessions subjects will be brooms and broomstick traditions, black cats, cattle folklore traditions, stories of Don Lord Of The Dead, mead making and ceremonies and celebrations with mead, and some foodie ideas for this time. 

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Please help out this Preparing For Winter, Folklore, Food, & Foretelling session, Please contact me to serve a contribution of stories of this time, and what you are making and celebrating with. You can send me a pre-recorded video or audio file. I can arrange a pre-recorded interview with you. But best choice of all is for you to join in the show live from 2pm Sunday 15th November 2020? 

I can  accept your content though these channels, but before you do, please contact me with an outline of your content that you would like to share, thank you.

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