Samhain Traditions

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Sunday 1st November, at 2pm Irish Time

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Samhain Traditions

How and where did the celebrations of Samhain, and later Halloween, originate?

Overall, this Sunday Session will tune in to the whole root of this time, the celebration of harvest gathered, the sharing, and the preparing for quiet weaving winter time through winter into Imbolc and the spring awakening. 

This Sunday Session will explore how we 'play' this time with stories and traditions from the Hill of Tlachtga and Hill of Tara in Co. Meath, Emin Macha in Armagh, plus looking at the Scottish Guisers and other Scottish Samhain traditions, English Bonfire Night and it's 'Guy' older than Guy Fawkes and, of course, 'Trick Or Treat' and the modern tradition of garden graveyards.

Please contribute your content to the show ...

Please help out this Samhain Traditions session, Please contact me to serve a contribution of your poetry and/or storytelling journaling. You can send me a pre-recorded video or audio file. I can arrange a pre-recorded interview with you. But best choice of all is for you to join in the show live from 2pm Sunday 11th October 2020? 

I can  accept your content though these channels, but before you do, please contact me with an outline of your content that you would like to share, thank you.

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