Tree Sanctuaries Gathering

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Next Sunday Sessions Live -
Sunday 13th September, at 2pm Irish Time

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Tree Sanctuaries Gathering.

A time and opportunity to recap on where we are with our Tree Sanctuaries and Tree Sanctuary ideas. This is a time when trees are truly turning colour around us in many places where we live. It is also a time we start to think about and plan our next tree planting season between November and March.

This is also a follow up to our March 'Us And Trees Session, but also good to attend if you missed that, including more depth with what you interpret a Tree Sanctuary is, and how to become a living part of it.

Presented also are the eco benefits and the personal Green Prescription health benefits of your own, or access to a Tree Sanctuary.,. A way to Grow Your Own Oxygen too.

Also ... please contribute to this next Sunday Session. Please contact me to send a short 5 minute talk of your experience, or poem, short story, or song to be considered for sharing on this Sunday Session. I will explain the different choices for doing this when I message you back.  I can interview you in advance too. Many thanks.

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