New Beautiful Video of Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens

Last summer, Ronan Kelly's Ireland visited Carrowcrory, and Ronan has a huge social media following.

I. John, had an appointment elsewhere so Claire Roche hosted Ronan, and what an amazing presentation she did, and an amazing video production by Ronan.

It is a perfect video to introduce what we can offer you here at Carrowcrory.

Here is the YouTube version ... no subtitles

... and click here for the Facebook version with subtitles ...

A couple of testimonials posted with this video ..

“This was near the end of my time in Ireland, but it was one of the loveliest and most magical days I have ever experienced in my life!
We walked the tree labyrinth in it's vibrant Autumn glory, ate the sweet juicy apples, rested in the stillness and connected with the Earth spirits.
We ate the amazing scones and tea, then listened to John's storytelling and Clair's enchanting harp music.  
What an unforgettable day!
If you are ever in Ireland, THIS experience is a must!

This was one of the most enchanting memories of my visit back in the Fall!  I can taste the wonderful scones, and smell the fragrance of the Earth and herbs, feeling once more the softness of the path beneath my feet and the vibrant colors of the Autumn foliage.

Donna Johnston

A lovely and magical place.  I sobbed like a baby when I experienced Claire's music here in this cottage, sitting next to the peat fire.”

Sally Roliff

“If you ever get a chance to get to Ireland, a stop here is recommended! 
... the amazing Claire Roche playing one of my absolute favorites... this took me back in time.)”

Eddie McDonagh

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