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October 2018 News

You Can Help Us - Buy A Plant sponsorship At Carrowcrory we are always looking to fund improvements and maintenance of our Labyrinth Gardens, but we do not want to do this the 'guru' way. We do not want to create some mystical ultra spiritual language and charge up to €200 per person for a day workshop to enchant you, then hand you a signed diploma of enlightenment.   Our current project is to complete the new Dragon's Tail Labyrinth Garden, a soft fruit labyrinth garden. We are putting about €300 into this, at present. So I have joined Ko-fi, even though I am a tea drinker, and that asks for a wee €5 donation, through our Buy A Plant sponsorship, that can be paid through any currency.  That includes enjoying a free visit here at Carrowcrory, when you pass by, but message me first to make sure we are here. Plus as a donator you will be updated online with pics, videos, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts about what we have here and what is happening. I aim to update t