Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens Autumn 2018

Our 2018 so far, and what's happening ...

Labyrinth Gardens latest

All three Labyrinth Gardens have flourished this year. The several weeks of dry hot weather followed by soft shower days seem to have been liked by the gardens.

The new Fire Dance Garden is looking lovely very quickly. There is a fast increase of flowers in the gardens now, accompanied by healthy bee visits and ladybirds.

The next garden, soft fruit labyrinth, has now started with the planting of Bullace Berry trees, and hope this will be developed by next year;s season.


I am now using the Songkick widget to keep you in touch and up to date with what is happening here and nearby. The Open Days as part of the Secret Gardens Of Sligo have been a wonderful success and benefited the local Sathya Sai Donkey Sanctuary.

We are NOT the sort of place that runs workshops and retreats with exotic obscure mystical shamanic names to lure you into parting with €100s to become ultra spiritual from simple instinctive walking among nature.

Our's is a simple presentation, a mix of stories and personal rejuvenating time, and our  appreciation of some donation help to cover costs of plants, trees, and care here.

We do not regard ourselves as guides, coaches, gurus, or shamans in residence, but storytelling companions that have cared for this landscape, and we encourage you to visit here, maybe to 'Find Your Story', here at Carrowcrory. 

We look forward to you sharing here. 

This Web Site updates

I am very slow sharing what we actually have here in the gardens, and the benefits for our visitors. I will post a lot more visual content, photos and videos, through this approaching winter, as I have certainly collected many during this flourishing season and happy visitors at Open Days.

I hope you may be able to visit us soon :-)

Message me if you wish to visit any other day instead of Sunday  at 086 208 2873, or even to offer to help with simple tasks here for an hour or two.