Web site overhaul, Labyrinths, Healing, and Wellness

Please excuse any confusion at this web site. I am indulging in web site changing here. Carrowcrory Cottage and Labyrinth Gardens is currently becoming my main focus, a greater focus, due to some organic developments and increasing interest in what we do and serve herd. 

Recently, I have been reading and conversing about such trending topics as Mystical Healing, Ancestral Healing, and Journalling Healing. It occurred to me that what these 'healing' practitioners serve is very much the service we serve here through our labyrinth gardens.

It seems I do not charge the large workshop and consultancy rates they do ... but it also appears I have not been very clear about this. So here I go to amend this. 

For now, as I change around this web site, here's an introduction to what I coach here at Carrowcrory, and what we share a lot of fun with as ... 

Everyone who arrives here carries a 'burden', or two. Their burden may be as small as a temporary 'itch' or be as heavy as larger than life. Often our 'burden' can be expressed through a question.

When folks visit Carrowcrory for an afternoon introduction or stay longer, sometimes a few days, I coach ideas and practices for not getting weighed down by guilt, and even shame. Both of these are usually connected to a family connection to a major religions.

I believe that guilt, shame, and fear incubated by these burdens deprives us of connection to our 'divinity'. 

Divinity, to me, is our unique inspiration, vision, and voice that we interpret as being the voice and guidance of our god, goddess, angel, guiding spirit, fairies, or very important invisible friend that may have stayed with us since childhood. 

My own personal 'divinity' is the entire spirit of nature that I give form to at times of trying to understand something, usually working through a question. This form I share as stories, poetry, and sometimes wee drama plays if I team this with others. That can be very entertaining :-) 

I believe that the concepts of guilt, shame, penance, heaven, hell, and sin, all intimidate and interfere with our life quest for wisdom and knowledge.

With most of us, The Past tends to be lived in the Present, but I believe the Future can change the Past.

In conversation, it seems that the Ancestral Healers work with a person's burdened past and help them release that 'old snake skin' to enjoy a sort of detoxed reborn experience. 

The Mystical Healers seem to work with present choices to tune in to our divinity to understand our Prophecy of the Present that can define our Future based on Now, not the Past. 

Together, there we have the trinity of a Labyrinth Walk

The 'purgation' stage where we work to replace guilt, shame, and fear, with a relationship with our darkness. We can transform our darkness into being nourishing rather than depriving. Our moments of 'Ancestral Healing'. 

The 'illumination' stage is where we 'see' and trust our chosen 'familiar' that is a medium to our divinity, such as our guiding spirit, guardian angel etc. Maybe we can call this our moment of 'Divinity Healing'. 

The wonderful 'unity' third stage is where we walk with our medium, our vision of divinity, and embrace and trust the personal prophecy this reveals. Sometimes this is a very detailed colourful awakening, and sometimes a story that inspires a quest. So this is our moment of 'Mystical Healing'.

Those who call themselves Ancestral or Mystical Healers seem to use crystals, rocks, wood, herbs and guided mediations as their tools to coach and guide through this. Their surroundings are usually quiet silent rooms.

My own 'practice' is mainly outdoors and only goes indoors if the weather becomes unbearably uncomfortable for the participants. Otherwise, unexpected weather changes are an essential part of divinity of nature connection, I believe. 

Also, I'm not comfortable with the 'healing' word. Some love it and regard it as description of a longed for personal pampering and repair of psyche. To me 'healing' seems to be intimidating as an assumption a person is 'damaged'. To me, that's hanging around within the 'shame' culture. 

'Wellness', is a far better word for me as it assumes everyone is ok, but we can coach to help our lives be more balanced, exciting, relaxing and wonderful.

Instead of crystals and other talismans we work with trees, plants and herbs to perhaps make things to nourish us. Sometimes we get our hands dirty to help growth of what helps us, and these connections makes this powerful. 

Close involvement with food I also find enhances our divinity and connection with all life. The fun and fellowship we can have with sharing food is pure joy. 

I believe good trusted connection with our un-judging divine mends our Past and provides clear prophecy of our Future.

If a session here helps commitment to a better life choice such a treating people better, going into recovery from an addiction, or taking better care of earth's resources, we feel a helpful job is done. 

Such choices help us feel more centered, more mature, and more truly honest about who we are and what we connect to. Some 'holistic' people call this 'self love'. 

Being this new clearer mature person we find it easy to forgive those who have hurt us, forgive ourselves for our actions through false guilt, shame and longings. It becomes very easy to make amends with those we have alienated ourselves away from.

Overall, there will be far less on this planet that we feel we need to attack, avoid or hide from. Bridges are formed over where we once built walls.

It is always a powerful choice when a choice is directed towards improving the Future, rather than sabotage and banish a choice due to guilt built from the Past.

Depression constructed from blocks of guilt and shame from the Past, or anxiety constructed from the blocks of fear of the Future, both immobilise our experience and harvest of our Present.

A wonderful choice, always, is "deal what’s in front of you, and let the past take care of itself ... at least for now".

What generates a wonderful momentum is focus on what we can change now, and the rest will follow.

This is not only the intent of services within these enchanting Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens here, but also in the process of this major web site change.

Please keep in touch via the subscription box. 


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