the next open Labyrinth Gardens Session is
May Day afternoon, 1st May, today!

Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens, Co. Sligo 

off of R295 exactly half way between Boyle and Ballymote, 10km from either, look for L1803, turn along that country rood, thatched cottage about 100m along. Also 5 km west of Ballinafad and N4 along L1802 to R295. Carrowcrory Cottage is on most sat-navs
also find location/directions through our Google Map link below ... 
3:00 pm meet up at the cottage, car pool if you can please.

Special events being ...

- Plant a herb and make a wish
- Flaming May bush to welcome the new summer warmth

- labyrinth garden walks total about 1km
- bardic sessions in one of the gardens, decided  by numbers attending
- bring your own and favourite poems and stories to share
- shared picnic and afternoon tea,, always fun, and a favourite of the afternoon  :-)
- DONATIONS event, but instead of money, bringing planting a herb plant or two would help plus  but bring something for picnic and afternoon tea table please
- Also please help out by subscribing as a Patron on our Patreon

Patreon membership is $1 a month converted from €,£, etc. Your membership is a huge help to cover Bards In The Woods expenses, many thanks.

Current forecast - dry warm afternoon, 15C

text/phone - 086 208 2873 for extra info
facebook message -

Please enjoy this short video clip introducing scenes of Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens

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Here is a Google Map to get here

Its best to click to see the larger map, or zoom out one click

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